woman and man training for Boston Marathon

Polocorp Co-CEO Joseph and his wife Dr. Laura training for the Boston Marathon. Photo courtesy of The Record.


Building a community through the eyes of a pedestrian requires you to not just drive by a site, but to walk it. You need to understand not only how to get from A to B and how to get around within the community, but find out what is special or unique about it during all seasonsWith our feet on the ground, (quite literally on so many levels), we are always positioned to listen to our neighbours and communities to build them with a people-first viewpoint. As an active marathon runner, our Co-CEO Joseph has always asked the question “how would a runner or pedestrian interact with this space?” when forming our new developments. This question has been one that has led to some of our greatest communities and upcoming locations across the Region.  

Vista Hills aerial shot

Vista Hills

Vista Hills is a community with over two decades of meticulous planning. The attention to detail to the community’s heritage and the environment have made it one of Waterloo’s most sought-after places to live. 

This community is also a runner’s paradise. Designed to be a beautiful place to live and play, each home in Vista Hills is within a 5-minute walk to a park or recreation area. Connecting the parks are community trails that link to over 40 km of trails that wind through protected greenspace and throughout Waterloo.  

It makes an ideal community for anyone going out for a scenic jog or walks in the woods.  


Our newest development set to launch this spring is located directly along The Iron Horse Trail. The Iron Horse Trail sees over 250,000 users every year, so it only made sense this would be the perfect location for our next community and was where people wanted to be. 

On any given day you can see runners, pedestrians, bikers, and anyone taking in the nature of the trail. 


runner on paved trail


Did you know this trail sees over 250,000 users each year?

The Iron Horse Trail forms the spine of Kitchener’s multi-use trail corridor and runs for approximately 5 km between Kitchener and Waterloo.

The trail receives year-round maintenance, meaning it is kept free of snow and ice in the winter and allows for runners (or walkers) to get their km’s in during all four seasons. It connects the heart of Waterloo’s University Community namely the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier, to Waterloo Park, Victoria Park and beyond.  

The trail links residents, communities, and businesses and forms part of the Trans Canada Trail. It also provides an Active Transportation corridor for many, helping add to the quality of life for Kitchener residents. 

Victoria Park and it’s Iron Horse Trail connection is just steps away from our Barra on Queen and Viva communities.

Forbes Estates 

Our upcoming heritage community in Cambridge, ON, Forbes Estates, binds together the past, present and future. This community is full of amenities and scenic views and is steps away from Mill Pond. Surrounded by Mill Run Trail, Speed Island Trail, Jacobs Landing, Silverheight’s Park and more, there are ample places to keep your running route interesting. Chillago Conservation is an ideal spot to get magnificent views of the Speed River.

Magnificent Mill Pond in Hespeler, Cambridge. Photo courtesy of Canada 247.

Vista Ridge

With trails overlooking the Grand River, the Iron Horse Trail and the historic Pioneer Tower, this community ties in heritage and trails seamlessly. Access to one of the region’s most notable trails, the Walter Bean Trail, is nearby and runs along the river linking Kiwanis Park in the north to Doon Valley Golf course in the south.


On your running or walking adventure, you can expect to see canoers along the Grand River. There are multiple canoe launch points at parks that connect to the Walter Bean Trail for those who would rather explore off land. 

man and woman running

Race-ready! Laura and Joseph training for their Boston Marathon debut.

In a recent news article about training for the Boston Marathon, Joseph ran many of these routes as part of his training looking at these communities through the eyes of a runner.

man running with dog

If you want to get into running in the Waterloo Region, take a look at Run Waterloo or join a running group like Health and Performance.

So where will our next great running community be? We can’t wait to find out with you!

man and women running on trail, Viva, vivatowns.ca