Artist Stephanie Scott infront of her floral mural

 Today on the blog, we are featuring local artist Stephanie Scott. You may have already seen Stephanie’s beautiful art across the region in spaces like Downtown Kitchener, Communitech, Shopify, the University of Waterloo, Hustl+ flow, St.Jacobs and more.

Stephanie Scott is an Illustrator & Designer specializing in murals and environmental branding. With an education in fine art and graphic design, her work unifies her skills in both traditional and digital media. She approaches each project with a fresh perspective, viewing it as an opportunity to learn and create something new. Stephanie works closely with clients to create designs that are custom-tailored to them and feel like an extension of their brand.

Follow along to get to know Stephanie and stay tuned to our Instagram account to learn more about a special project she is working on with us.

Stephanie Scott with floral mural

Q. How long have you been creating for?

My whole life! I’ve always been interested in anything related to art and design, and thankfully I had parents that encouraged it. 

Q. What inspires you?

I often find myself looking to the past for inspiration, whether it be books, posters, art, films, fashion, or decor. I’m astounded by the craftsmanship of previous generations, and the level of detail that was put into everything they created.

Q. What is involved in creating your art?

It usually involves quite a bit of research, planning, and several rounds of revisions. With each project I try to create something unique, and a little bit different than anything I’ve done before. This means each piece is custom-tailored to the people or spaces I’m creating it for.

44 mural with Stephanie sitting in front

Q. What is the best part about creating in Kitchener Waterloo?

I grew up in Kitchener Waterloo, and love that I am now able to make a mark on my hometown. The region has evolved so much, and it’s exciting to be a part of that. I get plenty of opportunities to meet people in the community and connect with them through art–it’s an amazing thing to experience! 

Colourful wall mural

Q. What would be a dream project for you?

I would love to do something educational involving wildlife and nature. There are so many fascinating things about the natural world that I would love to explore through art.

Outdoor mural in St.Jacobs Ontario

We hoped you enjoyed this blog post and that you will keep your eye out for Stephanie’s work around the city!

Stay tuned to our account in the coming weeks to see a special project for our Viva community, launching soon!


Stephanie working on a project for Polocorp/Viva

A behind-the-scenes look at Stephanie working on a special project for our Viva community.

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